illustration by matilde fogh

nail stickers nail stickers are thin, long lasting and self-adhesive nail shaped stickers.

you can consider the stickers as either an affordable replacement of salon nails or as a personal, chic and more durable alternative to ordinary nail polish. the stickers should be applied directly to the nail after the primer polish has dried. make sure to avoid cuticles. remove excess sticker by filling according to the

nails natural shape. 

primer polish 

our primer polish is a caring base coat, made to make sure that the nail stickers will look good and last long. it works by filling up the ridges in the nail surface, which enable the stickers to apply even and last long. the polish primer should be used on clean nails and need to dry before applying the stickers. stay tuned, coming soon (we recommend that you use cnd ridgefx while waiting).   


glaze is a thin, extremely fast-drying, and glossy top coat developed specifically for our nail stickers, creating a perfect layer on top of your chosen artwork. glaze enhances the colors of the nail stickers and ensures excellent durability. make sure to use glaze to seal the tip of the nail after filing, preventing moisture and dirt from seeping in. consider glaze as your guarantee for a perfect result. every time.


our aftercare is a cuticle and multi purpose oil based on a simple formula. It is easy to apply on the go and absorbs quickly into the skin. the ingredients are simple. jojoba oil, vitamin e and b - that’s all. use as the last step in your manicure to hydrate cuticles and improve the health and appearance of the nail, heal dry lips or minimize fine under eye wrinkles. or apply anywhere you need some extra moisture. aftercare for your whole self.