first of all read the simple guide on the back of the package. for the best experience also read the list of tips and tricks below.

1. clean up your cuticles and apply a base coat

if you want your manicure to last, you need to tidy up your cuticles. this is very important. if the nail sticker is applied over a cuticle, dirt and air can enter the space between the nail and the stickers, which will make it fall off easily. when your cuticles are all clean apply the base coat. 

2. apply the artwork and apply pressure for some seconds

when the base coat has dried apply the nail stickers. when applied press onto the stickers for a couple of seconds. the warmth and pressure from your finger will help the glue underneath the sticker do its work and remove potential air bubbles. 

3. apply thin layers of top coat

work in multiple thin layers when you apply both base and top coat, rather than a single thick one. thick layers dry slowly and can easily mess up your manicure. wait for the top coat to dry. 


4. don’t shower or do the dishes just afterward 

as mentioned above, give your manicure a little time to dry properly and harden before jumping into the hot shower or cleaning the bathroom. we recommend at least 2 hours. 

5. use high-quality top and base coat

don’t serve sushi with ketchup. the base and top coat are half the result and should be of high quality. we are currently in the process of perfecting the formula of primer polish and glaze. for now the best alternative is cnd rigdefx (base coat) and cnd vinylux gellike (top coat).

6. apply at room temperature 

apply the nail stickers at room temperature. if it's too cold the stickers may harden and lose their adhesion. if it's too hot the nail stickers may become too flexible. 

7. store in an airtight bag 

being exposed to air may cause the nail stickers to dry out. this means you have to use the nail stickers immediately after opening the package and make sure to keep them in an airtight bag. a standard plastic bag does the job just fine.